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exelens 16.10.2009 10:22

English — 3 Tools to Discover & Install Awesome Linux Games

Linux has always had an impression of being a geek’s toolbox. Critics have often pointed out the lack of a user friendly interface and a lack of software applications and games that appeal to the general audience as one of the main reasons hindering its widespread adoption.

Things have changed a lot over the past few years and there is plenty of eye candy available on the Linux desktop. Today however we are going to look at the gaming side of the spectrum and particularly at applications and resources you can use to find and install Linux games on your box.
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exelens 16.10.2009 10:18

English — EEEpc Utils developer “giving up,” claims Ubuntu sucks

The Eeebuntu Project is an attempt to provide an Ubuntu Linux environment that works well ‘out of the box’ specifically on the Asus EeePC (although it is known to work on other netbooks.) One of the Eeebuntu project’s core developers, Andrew Wyatt (better known as “fewt”) is the developer of the Eee PC Utils, a package that brings Windows-like hardware ACPI management to Ubuntu.

In a recent blog post entitled “I give up,” Andrew lambasted the Ubuntu movement, claiming that Ubuntu “sucks” and that “they have the uncanny ability to take Linux back in time by piling code that doesn’t work on top of more code that doesn’t work until they have turned their OS into a garbage salad.”

Normally, rants like this can be found all over the place–railing against one platform or another–but when a devoted developer raises these kinds of concerns after investing months of his time into a project, it makes one sit up and take notice.
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exelens 16.10.2009 10:17

English — GNOME slip ups; a KDE perspective

Since making my switch to GNOME earlier in the week I have finally settled into my new desktop environment. I must admit that while the transition has been almost completely seamless, and in fact has fixed a lot of my issues, I find myself missing KDE. Without trying to spark the holy war that is the GNOME vs KDE argument, allow me to quickly outline some of the reasons for my homesickness.

Look and Feel

Yes I get it, GNOME is supposed to be stripped down and functional. KDE, on the other hand, is supposed to allow for full customization, sometimes at the expense of clutter. Neither of these however explains why GNOME icons and artwork feel so dated when compared to KDE. Take the following as an example.
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exelens 16.10.2009 10:16

English — KDE4 overtaking GNOME in terms of usability?

f it hasn't happened already it seems poised to happen sooner or later, albeit usability is to some extent in the eyes of the beholder. My basis of this expectation is personal experience of KDE4 improvements thus far and observation of future trends for both platforms.

GNOME is facing a fairly major shift next year with GNOME 3.0 and the introduction of GNOME Shell, possibly comparable to the shift KDE had with its 4.0 release. I could argue that the GNOME shift would be even more dramatic, thus taking an even larger risk. Fundamentally, in terms of user interaction with the system KDE4 actually didn't change all that much. It remained a somewhat Windows-like interface with a typical panel-desktop paradigm. It has "merely" upgraded it and rebuilt the gears behind the scenes which is where the most revolutionary changes and most potential seems to lie.

Perhaps the biggest change visible to the user is making everything into a widget, but the default and typical configuration of those widgets still resembles a typical paradigm, and that seems to sit well with the users. At least it does for me. I'm increasingly finding it more natural to have a single panel at the bottom with all of the stuff I need immediately available than to alternate between upper and lower panel.

GNOME 3.0 on the other hand promises to completely do away with the typical main menu currently resembling Mac OS X and replace it by something that probably wont be very familiar to neither Windows nor OS X users. Upon pressing of the "activity" button an entire screen transforms. It's not just another menu, it's a whole new "mode" of operation. It's yet to be seen how are users to respond to this as they begin to test it in day-to-day use, but I am somewhat skeptical and tend to side with some of the Bruce Byfield's commentary. Furthermore, as he points out, it doesn't appear that the GNOME Shell is getting enough opportunity to be tested by users for valuable feedback. This increases chances of GNOME 3.0 becoming a similar scenario to KDE4.0.
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Username 15.10.2009 16:40

English — Master Dolphin in KDE 4

В короткой статье - подробное описание элементов управления Dolphin'ом - файловым менеджером среды KDE по умолчанию. Много рисунков, поэтому даже не владеющим английским языком будет понятно. Прекрасно подойдет новичкам кде4, которые слезли с третьей ветки и не могут расстаться с konqueror'ом
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exelens 15.10.2009 08:55

EnglishInstall and run google app engine on linux

For those innocent people who do not know Google App engine, it is a platform which lets you host your application on Google’s infrastructure. In short your code just touches the hardware which no one else, but Google’s engineers have seen. So it allows you to scale your application as you grow big.

Google app engine is pretty straight to use on almost every platform as its supports Linux, Mac OS, Windows. However some folks face issues getting it running on Linux or particularly on Ubuntu as this is the favorite distro of Linux users. Follow the steps below to install and run Google app engine on Linux.
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exelens 13.10.2009 18:39

EnglishP2P-like downloads with Multiget on Ubuntu Linux

As an old-school Linux user I am quick to use the command line before any other tool. One of those tools I use almost daily is wget. Wget is a command-line only tool that downloads files from remote locations easily and quickly. Wget is a great tool to have in your toolbox, but for many people it falls short in a couple of key features. One big feature is no GUI.

Yes I realize for many that is NOT a selling point. Even though wget is about as simple a command as you can get, it is, after all, a command. The other feature is multi-threading. Although wget can do cool things like run in the background (without even being logged in), it will download a file with a single thread.

For both of these needs there is another tool that works as a pretty impressive front-end for the wget command. That tool – Multiget. Now, before you assume Multiget is a Linux-only tool, it’s not. Multiget can be used in Linux, Windows, OS X, and the BSDs. This article, however, is about using Multiget in Linux (in particular – Ubuntu).
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exelens 13.10.2009 18:36

EnglishGummi is a lightweight LaTeX editor written in Python/GTK+

October 12th: Gummi 0.4.0 is available for download, read the announcement here.

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exelens 13.10.2009 09:33

English11 ways to Completely Remove unwanted files from Ubuntu/Linux

Today i am going to write a new post about "Safely Removing unwanted files from your Linux/Ubuntu partition to free-up more space for new application's and speedup performance of OS" . I have collected some best and safe way to erase unwanted files from linux, and i listed those way for you.

Important's of removing unwanted files:
our first gain on removing unwanted files is freeup hardDisk space.large amount of unwanted files will make linux slower under some condition's.getting more space to installing new application's.erasing some evidence of your activity
and make your system control in you hand.
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exelens 08.10.2009 19:42

EnglishOpenOffice User Survey 2009

Please help improve the OpenOffice.org office suite by completing this survey. It will take about 15 minutes and will increase our understanding of your requirements and expectations for the OpenOffice.org software. You will have the opportunity to make comments or suggestions at the end of the survey.

Thank you!

Your OpenOffice.org Team

There are 35 questions in this survey. ТЫК
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