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exelens 07.10.2009 09:07

English — Things you didn’t know VLC media player can do

For most people, VLC is the favorite media player because it plays everything they throw at it without hiccups. No hunting for codec. But VLC can do a lot of other things as well. Find out how many of these listed below you knew, and how many you did not.
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exelens 11.09.2009 07:37

English — Очень подробная мануалка по настройке ArchLinux и LXDE.

Очень подробная мануалка по настройке ArchLinux и LXDE.

Один минус =) Всё поставлено в витуалку. =)


Now you should have a lilghtweight, and very responsive desktop. I'm amazed how quickly things lauch, and the small memory footprint that the desktop takes up. Add to that the functionality of the desktop. It's no KDE, but then again, that may be a good thing!

For grins, I installed OpenOffice, just to see how much faster it starts under LXDE. It took about 14 seconds to lauch Writer the first time, and about 3 seconds to lauch it the second time -- Inside of a virtual machine! Not bad at all!
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exelens 24.08.2009 17:03

EnglishLinux полезняшки

15 Great Ubuntu Tips For Linux Power Users

A few days back I wrote about books that beginners can download and read to teach themselves Linux. Today in the Linux section we have something for the power users. Here are a few tips you should try out if you are an avid Ubuntu Linux user.

6 Best Twitter Tools to Use on Linux

witter is a popular microblogging and social network which is growing its popularity continuously. Every day hundreds of new users are adding to the Twitter database and like its popularity, there are hundreds of Twitter applications available on the net that make your Twitter experience even better.

Here in are 6 cool Twitter tools that let you use Twitter on Linux.
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exelens 24.08.2009 16:57

English — Ubiquity - установить Убунту... куда может быть проще?

Canonical is working hard these days to redesign the Ubuntu installer (also known as Ubiquity) into something a little more in tune with our times. We've already told you in our latest report on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) Alpha 4 that Ubiquity has now a "Quit" button during all the installation steps, so you can quit the installer at any time. Moreover, the time zone selection items have been changed a little to reflect the region/zone only, and not the city.

Today we will present, exclusively for our readers here at Softpedia, what the Ubuntu developers intend to add next in the Ubiquity installer. The package is called "ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu" and it is designed to offer an Ubuntu-flavored slideshow for the Ubiquity installer. What this means? Those of you who installed Microsoft Windows XP or Mandriva Linux, or openSUSE already know what this slideshow is supposed to do. Long story short, it will display some content, every 20 seconds or so, especially created to introduce new users to the Ubuntu operating system, while installing it. Please take a look at the video clips below to see a mockup content for the Ubiquity slideshow. The second video was provided to us by Mads Rosendahl (MadsRH).
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exelens 28.07.2009 22:04

English — Koala will be 'a definitive shift' for Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth

You may, by now, have heard of a little distribution called Ubuntu, unless you happen to have been in space for the past five years.

For now all you need to know is that Ubuntu is a popular offshoot of Debian, and the man behind it, Mark Shuttleworth, is considered to be a veritable Linux titan.

Mark is the dotcom millionaire founder of Canonical, first patron of KDE and the self-appointed benevolent dictator for life (BDFL) of Ubuntu. Linux Format magazine risked being crushed by his (rumoured) hordes of robotic minions to ask him a few questions.
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exelens 28.07.2009 22:02

English — Exciting Technologies Coming to Linux

The first half of 2009 is over and after your summer vacation, you might want to start gearing up for the new distro releases. Once again open source proved that developers collaborating all over the world deliver constant platform improvement. Let’s see what they have in store for us this time.
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exelens 28.07.2009 22:01

English — 10 outstanding Linux backup utilities

A dependable backup tool is not a luxury - everyone needs to have one. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to get the feature set that meets your needs. Jack Wallen introduces some great Linux backup solutions, including a few that are cross platform.
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exelens 28.07.2009 21:59

English — KDE Desktop Environment Boosts Netbook Usability

Linux has been an increasingly appealing alternative to Windows in the netbook space as consumers have recognized what it has to offer - efficiency without the price tag of a Windows OS. However, small screens always present a problem for delivering an optimal user experience.

The KDE desktop environment is one solution to that problem with an all-new netbook interface that implements the strengths of KDE’s Plasma technology. Arstechnica explains what Plasma adds to the mix:

“The individual desktop widgets that make up a Plasma-based environment are called plasmoids. They communicate with Plasma’s data engine backend to retrieve information which is then displayed to the user. Plasmoids are placed in “containment” objects which control how plasmoids are organized on the screen. Users can have multiple Plasma “activities,” which each have their own sets of containments and plasmoids. Plasma’s modular approach is advantageous because it makes it much easier for developers to build a custom desktop experience without having to completely reinvent the wheel.”
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exelens 28.07.2009 21:58

English — Pipe in bash can be a trap!

Today a colleague at work tried to debug a script in bash that didn't want to work as he expected. He hit one of traps people get into when writing bash scripts. Let's look at the code that find the largest message that was sent from this computer:
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exelens 28.07.2009 21:55

English — Best Free Linux Web Programming Editors

To build a website common programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP etc are used. These programming can editorbe done on any simple text editor. If you feel little difficult to work on text editor then we use web programming editor or WYSIWYG editor.

Web editor software help to build website easily by highlighting code, they can show instant result right on editor with WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get.), gives code help, this help you build site quickly.

Web programming is common to any OS platform. HTML, PHP, CSS etc are common programming language. If you are Linux user and looking for Web editor software then here are free Linux web editors.
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