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dront78 28.06.2014 16:37

Archlinux — Официальное сообщество Google+

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- руководства
- поддержка
- нескушные обои

- английский язык

Вливайтесь, жизнь кипит ;)

We tell people we use Linux because it’s secure. Or because it’s free, because it’s customizable, because it’s free (the other meaning), because it has excellent community support…
But all of that is just marketing bullshit. We tell that to non-Linuxers because they wouldn’t understand the real reason. And when we say those false reasons enough, we might even start to believe them ourselves.
But deep underneath, the real reason remains.
We use Linux because it’s fun!
It’s fun to tinker with your system. It’s fun to change all the settings, break the system, then have to go to recovery mode to repair it. It’s fun to have over a hundred distros to choose from. And it’s fun to use the command line!

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